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ICU message editor

Online tool to edit and validate ICU messages/translations. Your data is safe, will not leave your browser.
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ICU message editor

Online ICU Message Editor is a free online tool that allows quick and easy editing of ICU strings or ICU translations.

ICU message syntax validation

Editor provides useful syntax validation feedback so you can correct invalid ICU text.

ICU message format

ICU message format supports placeholders, plural forms and selections (that can also be used for gender forms). Though ICU message format can differ a bit among different implementations, this ICU message editor has support for almost superset of those variations.

ICU message preview

Editor has preview of formatted text which is useful especially when ICU text contains placeholders, plural, select or any other text formatting.

What ICU stands for?

ICU is abbreviated from International Components for Unicode. It is an open-source project of few libraries for Unicode support, software internationalization, and software globalization.
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