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Time Machine slow encryption - How to speed up?

Mac backups via Time Machine could take days to complete for some default setups. Usually, it is encryption of backups that takes too long. Here we will discuss how we can speed up slow encryption so it completes in a reasonable time, within few hours.

Why is it slow?

This is because many Mac users format their backup drives as Mac OS Extended (Journaled), by default. So the backup process will relatively quickly complete copying the files, but then encryption takes too long. In some cases it has so slow progress that it would be completed in multiple days.

How to fix that?

  1. Format your drive as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted)"
    This will erase existing content on your drive and it takes just a few seconds.
    Open Disk Utility tool and select your backup disk.
    Click on Erase button and choose "Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted)" as a file system format.

  2. Select that disk in Time Machine
    Open Time Machine and choose the disk. Make sure you enable “Encrypt backups”.
The next backups should be much faster and complete within a few hours, depending on your disk size.