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From developer to entrepreneur

On this website, you can find a set of online developer tools to make your life easier, or your work more productive which is basically the same thing.

We as developers witnessed several transformations from the developer's status to the entrepreneur's. Some stories became companies, while others did not.

We noticed that the most common aspect that was challenging for developers on their way to becoming entrepreneurs was a lack of knowledge in marketing and sales.

When a developer gets that super cool idea for a new product, he can have some idea of how this can be developed. He may also have some insight into whether it will benefit the people.

Where the obstacles arise, however, are in promoting their products, optimizing their websites, and generating demand and leads.

This part can often be outsourced or you can have a consultant for this, especially at the beginning of your entrepreneur story.
Marketing agencies can help a lot in these cases. They will shorten your time to sustainability and provide you with a stream of leads that the quality of your product can retain.

Additionally, they can do keyword research for you and optimize your website in addition to providing you with lead generation. They can make you the copy that sells.
Do the coding and leave the rest to them.

Common spots to be aware of when wanting to change your status from developer to entrepreneur are to:

  1. Validate your idea first

    By researching, participating in online communities, posting the survey, and asking questions. Looking at the existing products on the market and see what all of them lack that you can offer. Personal relationships here also mean a lot.
  2. Prepare a solid legal and financial base
    Make sure you hire an accountant you can trust and that they understand your idea and what you intend to do.
  3. Remember, being a skilled technician is not enough
    You will need to expand your knowledge, and to remember that not everything ends with a good code
  4. Focus
    The most successful entrepreneurs are the one that have the ability to focus and preserve with their idea.
  5. Practice your networking skills
    This part can be tricky for most of developers. But it is something that deserves your attention. Networking can help you get partners, clients, it can give you fresh look on the same thing.
  6. Learn the art of selling your product and your idea
  7. Improve your critical and strategic thinking

Nowadays, a lot of developers want to become entrepreneurs.
Coding gives you a good feeling of creating something, but entrepreneurship will give you freedom.
With that freedom, you will have a lot of responsibilities, too.

Be passionate about your new journey, stay focused, work on yourself and have a vision that will drive you through this journey