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App ideas for passive income

We will share some ideas for apps that could create a passive income for you. You might not exactly follow those ideas, but in that case, we hope you find them at least inspirational.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income generates money for you with minimal effort needed to create it and maintain it. Note that there is no known income that requires no effort at all. Even if it is inherited business, or if you find some profitable business model, it will usually require your effort at least in the beginning. At least in a form of research beforehand, getting familiar with how to do it, and similar. So, in other words, we can say that passive income is a type of income that requires mainly initial effort, and later much less effort for maintenance.

Some initial thoughts

Since building apps requires technical work, and potentially for the passive income you don't want employees, we will consider you are a software engineer and you just need app ideas.

The first thing worth keeping in mind regarding apps is that it is not all just technical work. You can create the best possible app, but if targeted users do not know it exists, you just lost your time building it. There comes in the marketing. Yes, you would most probably need it.

App ideas

Here we can not give you concrete ideas that would work on the market, because every reader would start working on the same thing. We will rather share some business models that are easy to execute by single developers, and where marketing should not be a big deal.

We will here mention only very simple app ideas. The reason for that is because every more complex app requires constant effort for customer discoveryjobs to be done, and similar work, which might pull out the project from passive type to active type.

1. Informational app

Users would use these apps to get access to certain information.

  1. Stock market app for a specific niche
  2. Locational info, where data gathering can be automated

2. Entertainment app

Users would use these apps to be entertained or to spend their leisure time.

  1. Cat sounds app
  2. Simple dopamine games

3. Browser app/extension

Users would use these apps to be more productive while surfing the web.

  1. Screenshot capture with specific image marking options
  2. Extension for SEO page analysis


We gave it some structure with app examples. We hope they trigger some ideas for you, for the domain you are already familiar with and passionate about. Because finding a good market and building the app is not easy work.

If interested in getting more business ideas, here you can subscribe to a waiting list for a book  "1000 Business Ideas", and you will be able to purchase it once it is available on the market.

Good luck!